Terms & Conditions

  • 2020
  • 310 gsm Canson Photo Rag (archival)
  • Image Dimensions
  • 494 x 740 mm (19.4 x 29.1 in)
  • Paper Dimensions
  • 594 x 840 mm (23.3442 x 33.012 in)
  • Edition: 100 + 2 Artist Proofs (1 Sold)

    AUD $250.00

    I wrote this as a piece of meta art. Art about art.

    This might seem like a joke - a self-referential artwork full of one-liners.

    But at its core, Terms & Conditions points to a particular issue at the heart of where we are as a species.
    We are all end users.
    We routinely agree to legally binding documents we never read.
    We give up our personal information to corporations who will use that data to manipulate us... into consuming, conforming, and voting - sometimes against our best interests.

    Are we trading democracy for convenience?
    Was there any such thing as democracy anyway?
    Is there such a thing as free will?

    This is a smaller (A1) print of my earlier work, Terms and Conditions (2017)
    The only changes are to reflect the media and the date of production.